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Namman Liniment Oil




Introducing the Namman Muay Thai Liniment Oil: an essential massage oil designed to assist fighters and athletes in achieving optimum performance and recovery. This versatile product is suitable for individuals of various fitness levels, from professional athletes to those looking to maintain an active lifestyle.

Features & Benefits

  • Cooling-warming effect: The liniment oil’s unique formula creates a soothing sensation, helping to relax muscles and ease any discomfort.
  • Pre-exercise warm-up: Applying the oil before any physical activity will effectively warm up muscles, reducing the risk of injuries.
  • Post-exercise recovery: Massage the oil into tired muscles after a workout, promoting faster recovery and relieving soreness.
  • Muscle, tendon and joint relief: The oil’s revitalising properties help to alleviate muscle, tendon and joint discomfort caused by intense activity or everyday strains.
  • Support for rheumatic problems and arthritis: The liniment oil has also proven to be beneficial in providing relief to those suffering from rheumatic problems and arthritis.

Easy Application & Quick Absorption

Fortified with superior ingredients, Namman Muay Thai Liniment Oil is designed to spread quickly and efficiently during the massage, ensuring greater coverage and optimum absorption. Its lightweight texture ensures no greasy residue, making it a hassle-free addition to any fitness regimen.

Incorporate Namman Muay Thai Liniment Oil into your routine today and experience improved performance, injury prevention, and enhanced muscle recovery. Visit our Liniment Oil and Accessories categories to support your training session with the quality products provided by MMA Factory.

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