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Venum Challenger Xtreme Evo Backpack


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The Venum Challenger Xtreme Evo Backpack, an esteemed product from the reputable Venum brand, is the one-stop solution for all gym-oriented accessories. Distinctively constructed, this gym bag is tailored for convenience with an impressive capacity and multiple compartments. It is a sure companion, perfect for fights enthusiasts and gym aficionados.

Features & Benefits

It’s larger main compartment is designed to accommodate bulky items such as helmets, gloves, shin guards and shoes, ensuring you never have to neglect a crucial piece of your training gear. With this gym bag from Venum, you can be confident of having every item at hand, wherever your workout destination may be.

Quality is not compromised as the gym bag is adorned with the distinctive Venum rubber logo. Venum’s exquisite craftsmanship ensures durability, strength, and stylishness, making it a valuable addition to your gym necessities.

Its utilitarian design is further bolstered by the padded strips on its back, providing essential support and comfort for owners. Moreover, the straps are adjustable and feature foam padding, making the load easier to carry for long durations.

The Venum bag also boasts handy features such as external plastic side pockets, and separate storage for dirty laundry. This separation caters to the cleanliness and hygiene aspect, keeping your fresh clothes separate from used gear.


Size matters when it comes to carry capacity, and this backpack understands that. With dimensions ranging from 350 x 630 x 240 mm to 350 x 880 x 240 mm when opened, it provides ample storage space, anything from 45 liters up to a hefty 63 liters when fully extended. Rest assured, the Venum Challenger Xtreme Evo Backpack has you covered for all possibilities.

The Venum Challenger Xtreme Evo Backpack, an optimum choice for individuals seeking convenience in carrying their gear around. Grab yours now and embrace the blend of style, comfort, and practicality this gym bag offers.


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