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Venum Full Cam Muay Thai Shorts



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Introducing the Venum Full Cam Muay Thai Shorts, a perfect addition to your fight apparel collection. Designed and handcrafted in the birthplace of Muay Thai, Thailand, these shorts boast an unparalleled quality and durability to withstand even the most intense training and fighting sessions.

Features & Benefits

The Venum Muay Thai Shorts are made from premium thick satin material, ensuring longevity during training and competitions. Featuring a large traditional elasticated waistband with a tightening cord, these shorts provide the support and comfort needed for peak performance. The side slits are specifically designed to increase mobility and flexibility during heavy and dynamic strikes, allowing you to unleash your full potential in the ring.

Inspired by military camouflage, the Venum Full Cam design is fully sublimated into the fabric, giving both an appealing visual style and unbeatable resilience. Carbon finish patches on the front and rear, along with embroidered Venum logos, are further testament to the premium quality of these shorts.

As homage to Venum’s iconic snake fangs, two faux-leather bands are crafted into the front, elevating your look even further, and showcasing your unique fighting spirit. The piping along the edges of the shorts is designed for exceptional durability, ensuring that these shorts maintain their exceptional form and function over time.


  • 100% polyester for resilience and durability
  • Large elasticated waistband with tightening cord for optimal support and comfort
  • Side slits to increase mobility and flexibility
  • Camouflage print fully sublimated into the fabric
  • Carbon finish patches on front and rear
  • Two faux-leather bands symbolising Venum snake fangs
  • Piping at edges for excellent durability
  • Entirely handmade in Thailand
  • Embroidered Venum logos

Whether you’re a seasoned Muay Thai practitioner or just starting your journey, the Venum Full Cam Muay Thai Shorts are an essential addition to your Muay Thai / Kickboxing gear collection. Experience the difference of premium quality and performance, and elevate your training to new heights with Venum fight apparel. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure these shorts during our Sale period.


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