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MMA Factory Price Matching Policy  –  


Why shop overseas when its right here at your door step, We deliver within 1-3 working days, we gladly exchange and most importantly we are a phone call away if you have any questions.

When shopping online overseas, the product prices seem cheaper,though when you at shipping, exchange rate and fee’s incurred,  what really is the total cost of this?

We MMA Factory will promise to deliver YOU, the same product you find on any other website, We Promise we will MATCH THEIR PRICE. 

If you find a cheaper price online on a product that we also stock anywhere in the world (Except Auction Sites) email the link and details to 

Once we have verified the product/s  with shipping cost, we guarantee to match the price NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Simply as that!

Please note there are terms & conditions on the Price Match Scheme.

  • 1. Item must be in stock in our store at time of purchase.
  • 2. Price comparisons must include all delivery charges and bonus offers.
  • 3. Product must be identical (e.g. same brand/model/colour).
  • 4. Confirmation of competitor’s advertised price is required. i.e. website link
  • 5. Competitor must have stock on hand and available for delivery (not available for back orders).
  • 6. Available for retail purchase only, no bulk purchases.
  • 7. Excludes competitor’s clearance lines, limited stock offers, Member/Club/Internet prices.
  • 8. The price must not be below our cost price.
  • 9. Must Be in AUD Currency
  • 10. Our Price Match Deal is only Valid for Our Online Store
  • 11. Valid Only For Australian Residents 
  • 12. Competitors website must deliver to Australia
  • 13. We do not price match on any Auction Sites
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