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Fairtex TP4 Thigh Pads Slim

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Introducing the Fairtex TP4 Thigh Pads Slim, a meticulously crafted product designed to enhance leg kick speed, timing, and accuracy. This lightweight and compact thigh pad boasts exceptional durability, making it ideal for heavy use. Constructed with Fairtex Synthetic Leather Material and a four-layered padding system, it offers a hard outer padding for optimal protection. Additionally, the inclusion of extra soft inner padding ensures unparalleled shock absorption. Elevate your training sessions with this top-tier thigh pad, engineered to withstand rigorous workouts while providing utmost comfort and safety. Experience the pinnacle of performance with the Fairtex TP4 Thigh Pads Slim.

Features & Benefits

Hand made in Thailand Constructed of Fairtex Syntek Leather and Lightweight and compact thigh pad and extra soft inner padding for ultimate shock absorption. Designed to help develop leg kick speed, timing and accuracy. Velcro straps and lace for tight fit plus waist support.

  •  Designed to help develop leg kick speed, timing and accuracy
  • Lightweight and compact Durable Thigh pad
  •  Designed for heavy use.
  •  Fairtex Synthetic Leather Material and four-layered padding system of hard outer padding.
  • Extra soft inner padding for ultimate shock absorption. 


Additional information

Weight1.9 kg
Dimensions50 × 43 × 31 cm


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