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Venum Laser Hoodie



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When it comes to workout and training apparel, the Venum Laser Hoodie leads the pack due to its innovative design and high-quality construction. Crafted to ensure warmth and dryness during those chilly workouts, this hoodie offers the perfect combination of function and fashion. With Venum being a well-known and respected brand in the fight apparel industry, MMA Factory proudly presents this exceptional option for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Features & Benefits

  • Maximum insulation for warmth and comfort
  • Ventilation through black mesh inserts on shoulders, hood and sleeves
  • Adjustable hood for a customized fit
  • Zip pockets to securely store and transport small items
  • Lightweight and comfortable material for ease of movement during workouts

What truly sets the Venum Laser Hoodie apart is its ability to keep wearers warm and dry without sacrificing breathability. The strategically placed mesh inserts provide a perfect balance, ensuring optimal ventilation during workouts both indoors and outdoors. This hoodie caters to all athletes, from the dedicated MMA practitioner to the everyday fitness enthusiast.

Stylish Design and Versatility

The Venum Laser Hoodie is not only functional but also makes a statement with its sleek design. MMA Factory firmly believes in offering quality apparel options, and this hoodie is an excellent addition to any wardrobe. Athletes can easily transition between workouts or showcase their style during leisure time with this versatile garment.

Size and Care

The Venum Laser Hoodie is available in various sizes, enabling athletes to find their perfect fit. Made from high-quality materials, the garment should be washed according to the manufacturer’s care instructions to ensure its durability and longevity. Whether training for an upcoming match or simply heading to the gym, the Venum Laser Hoodie is the ideal choice for warmth, comfort, and impeccable style. Discover the incredible selection of Hoodies / Tracksuits and a wide range of Apparel here at MMA Factory. Stay confident in your choice, knowing that you’re investing in a high-quality and dependable product backed by our commitment to your satisfaction

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