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Viking Adjustable Wall Mounted Bag

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Introducing the Viking Adjustable Wall Mounted Bag, a versatile training tool designed to improve your boxing skills. Its unique design enables a wide range of combination punches, uppercuts, hooks, and jabs, thanks to its 4 hitting targets. Made from premium leather, this bag is constructed to endure intense training sessions and provide long-lasting durability. The pre-stuffed high density foam core system ensures optimal performance and absorbs impacts effectively, allowing you to train with confidence.Installing the Viking Adjustable Wall Mounted Bag is a breeze, as it comes with a wall mount bracket and screws, making it convenient to set up in your preferred training area. Take your boxing training to the next level with this exceptional wall mounted bag that offers versatility, durability, and top-notch performance.

Features & Benefits

  • 4  hitting targets
  • Constructed of premium leather
  • Pre-stuffed high density foam core system for performance training.
  • Wall mount bracket and screws are included.
  • Rear clips allow user to adjust height

Additional information

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